The Buxus Sempervirens ball, commonly known as the Buxus ball. The Buxus ball is an evergreen hedge plant and is very winter hardy. It is satisfied everywhere as it can withstand full sun or shade. Although the Buxus is susceptible to the boxwood caterpillar and boxwood moth, it remains a fan favorite.

The boxwood moth and boxwood caterpillar can damage the Buxus, but what can you do to treat it? How do you recognize it?

A sign that the boxwood caterpillar and the boxwood moth are in your Buxus is that leaves are stuck together. Also, it has dead leaves, bare branches and the skeleton of the Buxus is visible are signs that your Buxus is infected with the Boxwood decease. When the bark is still green, then that means the Buxus is still alive.

What can you do against it? You need to control the caterpillar in an environmentally friendly way. This treatment needs to be carried out very thoroughly and repeatedly the following week.

Sometimes the boxwood suffers from the boxwood fungus. When infected with the boxwood fungus, the Buxus will develop yellow and brown leaves that eventually fade completely. Eventually it will leave a bare plant as all the leaves will fall out.

What can you do against it? You need to remove the infected branches. After you have removed these branches, you will need to clean your tools, gloves, clothing and anything else that you used to remove the fungus.

A tip: Make sure the plant is in organic boxwood soil and give them sufficient boxwood nutrition.

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